JP1 Version 11 JP1/Automatic Operation Administration Guide 

5.3 Viewing detailed task information

In the Task Details window, you can view detailed information about a task, such as the property values assigned to the underlying service and the entries in the task log.

Who can perform this task:

To view detailed information about a task:

  1. In the Tasks window, click the Tasks tab or the Debug tab.

  2. In the tasks list, select the row corresponding to the task for which you want to view detailed information.

  3. Click the Task Detail button.


    Alternatively, you can click the Task Detail button in the Flow area.

  4. In the Task Details window, display the information you want to check by clicking the appropriate tabs.

    Table 5‒4: items you can check in the Task Details window

    Tab title



    Displays a summary of the task. This information includes the task ID, task name, and status.


    Displays the property values assigned to the task.


    Displays the execution results of the task.


    Displays the progress of the task and the status of individual steps.


    You can view and download the task log.


    You can enter comments in relation to task information.

    Figure 5‒8: Task Details window (Summary tab)


Result of operation:

You are able to view detailed information about the task.

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