JP1 Version 11 JP1/Automatic Operation Administration Guide 

5.4 Providing input to tasks in Waiting for Input status (response input)

This section describes what do to when a running task requires input (a decision or selection) by a user. The process of providing input to a task that is in Waiting for Input status is called response input. When you input a response, JP1/AO continues or stops task processing according to the input received.

Who can perform this task:

To provide a response to a task that is waiting for user input:

  1. In the Tasks window, click the Tasks tab or Debug tab.

  2. From the tasks list, select the task in Waiting for Input status for which you want to provide input, and then click the Input Response button.


    Alternatively, you can click the Input Response button in the Flow area or the Task Details window.

    You can also click the URL in the notification email sent when a task is waiting for input, and log in from the Login window that appears.

  3. Read the message in the Input Response dialog box, and click the button for the action you want to perform.

    Figure 5‒10: Example of Input Response dialog box



    If processing of the task stops while the Input Response dialog box is displayed, an error occurs when you enter a response.

Result of operation:

JP1/AO continues or stops processing of the task according to the input you provided.