JP1 Version 11 JP1/Automatic Operation Administration Guide 

5.6 Resuming suspended tasks (resuming task schedules)

You can resume the schedule of a suspended task. When you resume a task schedule, the task enters Waiting status. If you resume a schedule after the scheduled start time, processing of the task begins immediately.

Who can perform this task:

To resume a suspended task:

  1. In the Tasks window, click the Tasks tab or the Debug tab.

  2. In the tasks list, select a suspended task or tasks that you want to resume.


    You can select multiple tasks by selecting the check boxes beside the task names.

  3. From the More Actions pull-down menu, select Resume Schedules.


    Alternatively, you can select Resume Schedules from the More Actions pull-down menu in the Flow area.

  4. In the Resume Schedules dialog box, check the tasks whose schedules are to be resumed, and then click the OK button.

Result of operation:

The resumed tasks enter Waiting or In Progress status.

You can check the task statuses in the Status column in the tasks list.