JP1 Version 11 JP1/Automatic Operation Administration Guide 

5.11 Deleting task histories

You can manually delete task histories that are no longer required. You can also configure JP1/AO to delete task histories automatically by setting a maximum number of task histories to keep in the user-specified properties file (

Who can perform this task:

Users in the Admin role, Develop role, and Modify role

To delete task histories:

  1. In the Tasks window, click the History tab.

  2. From the history list, select the task histories that you want to delete.


    You can select multiple task histories by selecting the check boxes beside the task names. You can also select all task histories by selecting the check box beside the column header.

  3. Click the Delete Histories button.

  4. In the Delete Task Histories dialog box, review the task histories to be deleted, and then click the OK button.

Result of operation:

The selected task histories are removed from the history list.