JP1 Version 11 JP1/Automatic Operation Administration Guide 

5.12 Exporting tasks lists (exporting tasks)

You can output a list of tasks to a CSV file. The process of outputting tasks lists is called exporting tasks. By specifying a time period, you can narrow down the information output to the file.

Who can perform this task:

Users who have Administrators or root permission for the operating system, and belong to the Admin role, Develop role, Modify role, or Submit role

To output a tasks list:

Execute the listtasks command with tasks specified for the output option.

Result of operation:

A list of tasks is output as a CSV file to the location specified in the command. The tasks output in the tasks list are those that are assigned to the service groups associated with the user specified in the user option of the listtasks command.


You can output a history list by executing the listtasks command with histories specified in the output option.