JP1 Version 11 JP1/Automatic Operation Administration Guide 

6.8.3 Changing your own password

The logged-in user can change his or her own password. If the user account is being managed on an external authentication server, you need to make the change on the external authentication server.

Who can perform this task:

All users

To change your own password:

  1. In the main JP1/AO window, from the Tools menu, select User Profile.

  2. In the User Profile window, click the Change Password button.

  3. Change your password information in the Change Password dialog box.

    You can set the following information:

    Table 6‒27: Settings in Change Password dialog box



    Old Password

    Enter your current password.

    New Password

    Enter the new password using a maximum of 256 characters.

    Verify Password

    Enter the same character string that you entered in the New Password field.

  4. Click the OK button.

Result of operation:

The password is changed. You can now log in using the new password.