JP1 Version 11 JP1/Automatic Operation Administration Guide 

7.1 Backing up data in JP1/AO (non-cluster configuration)

This section describes how to back up configuration information and database information for JP1/AO before performing tasks such as migrating JP1/AO to a new host or maintaining the database.

  • When you back up and restore data in a JP1/AO system, some elements of the data do not survive the backup process. For example, some detailed task information (step lists and progress information) is lost, and some task statuses are changed.

    You can output detailed task information by executing the listtasks command before beginning the backup process. By executing the submittask command after restoration, you can use the detailed task information you output to re-register scheduled and recurring tasks as new tasks with the same settings.

  • Make sure that sufficient free space is available on the disk on which the folder for backup files is located. As a general rule, the amount of free space should exceed the size of the backup files by 20 MB.

Who can perform this task:

Users who have Administrators or root permission for the OS

To back up a JP1/AO system (non-cluster configuration):

  1. Make sure that there are no tasks in In Progress, Waiting for Input, In Progress (with Error), or In Progress (Terminating) status. If there are such tasks in the system, either stop the tasks, or wait until they enter Completed or Failed status.

  2. Shut down the JP1/AO system by executing the hcmds64srv command with the stop option specified.

  3. Execute the backupsystem command to back up the JP1/AO database and configuration information.


    The backupsystem command does not back up the files below. Back them up manually as needed.

    • SSL server certificate files for https connections

    • Private key files for https connections

    • Private key files for public key authentication

  4. Start the JP1/AO system by executing the hcmds64srv command with the start option specified.

Result of operation:

The data is backed up to the specified backup folder.