JP1 Version 11 JP1/Automatic Operation Administration Guide 

7.12 Stopping a JP1/AO system (non-cluster configuration)

This section describes how to stop a JP1/AO system. To stop a system, use the hcmds64srv command, not the Service Control Manager. If you use Service Control Manager, the service might fail to stop.

Who can perform this task:

Users who have Administrators or root permission for the OS

To stop a JP1/AO system (non-cluster configuration):

  1. Make sure that there are no tasks in In Progress, Waiting for Input, In Progress (with Error), or In Progress (Terminating) status. If there are such tasks in the system, either stop the tasks, or wait until they enter Completed or Failed status.

  2. Execute the hcmds64srv command with the stop option specified.

Result of operation:

The JP1/AO system stops.


You can use the server AutomationWebService option when the Common Component services are running and you only want to stop the JP1/AO services. When stopping JP1/AO in the course of day-to-day operations, omit this option and stop all services.