JP1 Version 11 JP1/Automatic Operation Administration Guide 

7.15 Notes on backup and restoration

When you back up and restore data in a JP1/AO system, some detailed task information (step lists and progress information) is lost, and some task statuses are changed.

A restored task or debug task will sometimes have a different status from the original task. For details on the statuses of tasks and debug tasks after restoration, see the topic on the restoresystem command (restoring the JP1/AO system) in the manual JP1/Automatic Operation Command and API Reference.

Tasks and debug tasks that were in Waiting or Suspended status when the backup was created enter Canceled status when restored. You can re-register scheduled or recurring tasks that were in Waiting or Suspended status as new tasks with the same settings by using the listtasks and submittask commands.

If you intend to re-register such tasks, use the listtasks command to output detailed task information before initiating the backup process. You can then use the submittask command to re-register this task information as a batch after restoration. By doing so, you can re-register tasks as different tasks with the same settings.